Important Information About Our Services

Dear valued customers,

 Over the years, it has been our pleasure to offer complimentary printer services as part of our commitment to enhancing your experience and facilitating the setup of your Evolt 360 Scanner. However, we regret to announce that, effective from September 1st, we will discontinue the provision of printers as well as paper as a complimentary service. All printer support inquiries should be directed to Brother, the third-party company responsible for supplying our printers.


In our ongoing efforts to assess and refine our service, it has become clear that maintaining printers and paper as a complimentary service is no longer a viable option for us. By revising our service model, we can more effectively allocate our resources and concentrate on delivering state-of-the-art technological solutions tailored to your dynamic needs.


Please be assured that this change will not impact the other services and support you currently receive from us. Our team remains steadfast in our commitment to providing superior services and strive towards improving our digital services. The support team will continue to provide assistance with connecting printers to your Evolt 360 Scanner, configuring default settings and basic troubleshooting. Digital copies of your printer sheets will now be available and provided moving forwards.


To facilitate this transition, we have created a list of reputable printer vendors and service providers who can cater to your future printing needs. We trust that this information will be beneficial in identifying a suitable alternative.


Please see the following page for more information: 
Compatible Printers For Evolt 360


Team Evolt